Working outdoors

For some people, the idea of working 9 – 5, behind a desk and in an office sounds like hell. There’s the daily commute, where you’re crammed in with fellow workers on trains and buses that can be unreliable and expensive. Then there are the daily arguments over air conditioning and space in the fridge. And who’s going to do the next tea round, because it was definitely you that did it last time.

And then you sit and look out the window at the guys and girls who don’t have to put up with all that, the ones that work outside in the fresh air and (sometimes) sunshine. When the summertime rolls around the urge only intensifies, and the desire to pack it all in and joining your fellow men and women who work in the great outdoors can be seriously tempting.

If you think this could be you in a few years’ time, then why not look at a job in house building?

You could look at one of the many jobs on-site, where you could be a carpenter, joiner, bricklayer or even a site manager. Not only is there good money to be earned, there’s also the highly rewarding feeling of seeing land go from nothing to something – to a place where families will live and make their home.

Perhaps you want the best of both worlds? Well why not look at a career in the Land department, where you have a desk in an office but will often find yourself out and about visiting sites and looking at potential new ones.

Or maybe you’re interested in the world around us and all the creatures within it. House builders often have to take care and ensure that the biodiversity of a site is not disturbed. You could help provide bat boxes, ponds and even tunnels for newts!

So, if the 9-5 daily grind doesn’t sound like something you want to do, then why not look at one of the many interesting and rewarding jobs in house building that would let you spread your wings and work outdoors.