House Building Careers Gets Spotlight on Go Construct

House Building Careers and Go Construct have joined forces to create a webpage that highlights the career opportunities available within the house building sector. The webpage will be live on the Go Construct webpage between the 18th – 29th June and will provide visitors with information on different roles and how to start their career.

The content was pulled together from existing material from the House Building Careers website and from information kindly sent over from our members. The 12 key roles currently experiencing skill shortages are profiled, along with fun facts to engage younger audiences. Case studies, video content and handouts are also showcased on the website, along with the option to find out more information about home building on the House Building Careers website.

Statistics on user visits and click throughs to the House Building Careers website will be analysed to monitor the success of the takeover as well as queries from users on careers in house building. Social media will also be promoting the takeover of the website during this period and we will include some messaging in the next social media toolkit to allow our members to promote the takeover to their own audiences.

To view the webpage, visit