About house building

About our industry

As the name suggests and putting it simply, house builders build houses. From identifying suitable spaces to develop, to building the homes, to marketing them and selling them. When it comes to working for a house builder, there’s far more to get excited about than just bricks and mortar.

The current housing shortage is one of the most important issues the country faces, and that means that house building is at the top of the political agenda. Each of the main political parties agree that something needs to be done to increase the supply of houses in order to catch up with demand and help reduce prices. And while the problem cannot be solved by house builders alone, we will undoubtedly play a vital part in helping to solve the issue.

And that’s where you come in. If we are to rise to the challenge and build the homes that the nation needs, then we need the best and brightest of Britain’s workforce, now and in the future. With the best of British talent on our side, we’ll be one step closer to eliminating the housing shortage.

Who we are

House builders come in many shapes and sizes. From big national companies that build over 10,000 new homes every year, to small family-run businesses that build five or ten new homes each year. Despite that, the basic principles are still the same, those being: identify land, prepare it for development, build homes on the site, market and sell the homes to the public.

We also work with housing associations, many of whom also build thousands of affordable homes every year for the people that wouldn’t be able to afford them otherwise. The majority of these will be built by contractors who will work closely with the housing associations.

The house building industry is incredibly varied, which means that your career could be too. Whether you want to work for a large national house builder, a small family-run company, a housing association or a contractor, your work will be challenging, varied and ultimately very rewarding.

Key facts and figures

  • 230,000 – the amount of homes it is estimated we need to build every year to meet the needs of the country.
  • 181,310 – the number of new homes added to the housing stock in 2014/15 (1)
  • 152,329 – the number of new home registrations recorded by the NHBC for 2015/16.
  • 106,000 – the number of new jobs that house building has created over the past two years.
  • 1.5 – the number of direct jobs created for every new home built.
  • 0.9 – the number of jobs sustained in the supply chain.
  • £3 – the amount created in the economy for every £1 spent on housing.
  • 0.5% – the amount added to the UK's GDP for every 50,000 new homes built.

(1) Housing supply – new dwellings, conversions and changes of use (such as office to residential) reached 181,310 in 2014/15, the highest number recorded since 208/9. Factoring in 10,610 demolitions, net supply was 170,690.