Sam Ashburner

"Everyone I have met here says there is something different about Miller Homes compared to the competition, and I’d have to agree with them. There is a supportive culture that gets results through constructive collaboration rather than a fear of failure."

Job Title: Land Buyer

Employer: Miller Homes

Job: Land Buyer

About my job

About my job

I’ve been working with Miller Homes for 18 months. When I completed my degree in Economics, I wasn’t sure what career I wanted to pursue. I was attracted by the headline salaries offered by investment banking, but after just a few weeks in the city I knew that I instead wanted to work in an industry that produced something tangible that I could be proud of.

I left to learn more about property, and completed a master’s degree in Town Planning. It was at this point I discovered Miller Homes. That was 18 months ago, and having worked hard to learn as much as possible and keep up with the team, who have been incredibly supportive. I have just been promoted to Land Buyer.

My role covers a wide variety of skills, ranging from assessing land that has just come to market, to meeting with solicitors to finalise a purchase. The ultimate aim is to source land that enables the company to build the most desirable new places to live.

One of the most important elements is building strong relationships with vendors and agents and maintaining a reputation as a reliable, trustworthy company to work with. Miller Homes has established a reputation based on integrity, attention to detail and strength of character.

There is a huge range of roles available within the housebuilding industry and I believe it’s important to get experience in as broad a spectrum as you can before deciding to pursue a career in your favourite area. For me, this meant learning about the economy, becoming an electrician, learning about town planning, and ultimately deciding that I most enjoyed the early stages of property development – land buying. Be patient and listen carefully to the advice of everyone you encounter.