Richard Matthews

"Plumbing was what I have always wanted to do. It’s practical and hands on – I didn’t want to be sat in an office every day."

Job Title: Apprentice Plumber

Employer: Crest Nicholson PLC

Job: Plumber

About my job

Why did you choose to take up an apprenticeship?

My aunt currently works in the construction industry and she initially introduced me to the idea of the apprenticeship route. I had previously signed up for a full time plumbing course, but after doing some research into apprenticeships decided to change. By doing an apprenticeship I gain all the training at college that I would have with a full time course but am able to apply this learning to practical tasks on site and earn a living.

What attracted you to the industry?

Plumbing was what I have always wanted to do. It’s practical and hands on – I didn’t want to be sat in an office every day. Members of my family are also part of the industry.

What attracted you to Crest Nicholson?

There is a site local to where I live and I had been recommended the company through my aunt.

Are you enjoying the programme?

I love it. It’s brilliant.

What is the best part of the programme?

I really like the programme and the hours are great. If you have a problem there are loads of people you can talk to who will help you resolve whatever the issue might be. The work is easy and quick to learn as it’s quite repetitive, but in a good way.

What do you like most about working at Crest Nicholson?

How well treated you are – you are really looked after and supported.

Would you recommend other people follow the same route?

Definitely. 100 percent. It’s much better than a full time college course. At college you learn the college way, but it’s not the same as actually being on site. I did 2 months at college without working and didn’t understand anything. When you learn and work at the same time I pick skills up much quicker and so I’m a better plumber.

What are your career aspirations when the course finishes?

I’d like to be a Trainee Site Manager at Crest Nicholson – fingers crossed they offer it to me!