Miller Homes


Miller House 2 Lochside View Edinburgh Park Edinburgh, EH12 9DH

Phone: 0870 336 5000

Miller Homes recruits graduates as part of its overall resourcing plan with the number and disciplines being identified on an annual basis.

Miller Homes recognises the importance of apprenticeships for the construction industry and will strive to work with their supply chain partners and government bodies to create and support these opportunities throughout the UK.

The creation of professional and trade apprenticeships is an integral element of the strategic planning process for Miller Homes and it will be responsible for determining, in conjunction with Human Resources, plans outlining its engagement approach and identifying the right blend of direct and supply chain apprenticeships their projects can sustain.

To further support our commitment to our sustainability strategy ‘A Better Place’, priority will be given to maximise opportunities for local apprenticeships and generating sustainable employment in the locations where we are delivering projects.